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Our aim is to keep pricing simple and affordable for our customers. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of pricings for the services we offer.

Bulk / retaining pricing is available on request long-term relationships. Please reach out to your account manager for more information on builk and retaining service solutions.

Pricing information for


Web development / Website building services


Our web developers can create stunning websites and use templates where possible to keep costs down for you. We can everythign from simple landing pages to full membership / content systems.

Our editing rate is $75 an hour. Fixed price quotes or estimates are available with supporting breifs as required.

Video Editing Services


Our editorail team specialise in After Effects and we work with templates where we can to keep you costs down.

Our editing rate is $150 an hour. Fixed price quotes or estimates are available with supporting breifs as required. 

On Site Technical Support


If you need help our well trained technicians can be on site to support your business.

Our technicians are trained to fault find and work on systems including LED Screens, Video walls and Digital Signage Solutions.

On site technical support is charged at $68 an hour. Minimum call of 4hours. 

Digital Signage Solutions


We keep things simple for digital signage by offering 3 package options.

Our starter package is designed for a business who wants to empower their displays with beautiful signage. Great for businesses who are hands on with tech and have the time to manage their content and network. You’ll have access to every part of the signage product with full training provided at the start.

Our standard package is designed for a business for businesses who need help managing their content and the system. We’ll upload your content and monitor your system on your behalf.

Our SIGNAGE+ is our gold standard of digital signage. Not only will we manage your network and displays for you but we’ll add beautiful content such as News, Weather and Healthy / Wellbeing content. This content is updated hourly so your screens remain fresh and engaging!

Pre-Pay Annually and save 10% on the pricing structure below!


Digital Signage Content Feeds


The trick to keeping your screens engaging is to enrich them with beautiful content. Some content services are included with all packages.

For SIGNAGE+ customers you’ll receive aditional content feeds outlined below.

All our content feed are Commercially Licenced for Business Use. 


Pricing for Starter and Standard Pricing for SIGNAGE+
Digital Signage Live News


Engage your audience with top, world, sports, entertainment, tech, and business news stories tailored to your region, and in your preferred language, with these easily digestible stories sourced from the renowned, Reuters News.

Each story is told with a hi-res photo, interest-piquing headline,
and at-a-glance story summary to draw viewers in on multiple levels.

$20 p/m


Digital Signage Live News

LIVE Weather

Stunning weather reports for anywhere in the world.

Each layout can be customised and displayed in any format.

Digital Signage Live News


Options including Top Movie Charts, Top Music Charts or the TOP 5 Ranking

Feed viewers’ appetite for the latest, and greatest as they strive to stay current in today’s fast-paced, and ever-changing world. Top-5 rankings are a classic eye-ball curiosity catcher covering anything from popular ‘90s comedies, to white-sand beaches around the world.

$20 p/m INCLUDED
Digital Signage Live News


Entertain your audience with these broad-ranging challenges to their memories, and deductive dexterity. No need to keep official score; our design is all about collaborative, light-hearted fun for everyone. And the fun doesn’t stop once viewers are out of sight of your screens. With any luck, they’ll walk away with a nugget or two of new knowledge to share later with family, and friends.

Option for Entertainment or General Knowledge.

$20 p/m INCLUDED
Digital Signage Live News

Health & Wellness

Promote active, healthy lifestyles, and associate your brand with the fast-building waves of health, and wellness. A Phd well-versed in the best practices of the day has distilled down complex recommendations, and precautions to single sentences. These are then paired with high-quality graphics in order to facilitate quick, easy consumption by your viewers. And what tastes better than a bit of health, happiness and how-to know-how?

$20 p/m INCLUDED
Digital Signage Live News


Teleport your viewers to every corner of the world with stunning footage, and exquisite photos sourced from the National Geographic library. Draw their attention to your screens, and hold them rapt with a visual experience that smartphones simply cannot offer. Voice-over narration is available where it suits the environment; alternatively, text and captioning can deliver the story in low-, and no-sound environments.

$25 p/m $25 p/m
Digital Signage Live News

Around The World

Open a window onto the world with this virtual gallery of photos featuring happenings near and far, all captured in stunning HD. The editorial team
hand-picks, crops, and captions only the most breathtaking, and intriguing images they find to weave a daily visual narrative with the power to transfer your audience’s attention from their smartphones to your screens.

$20 p/m $20 p/m
Digital Signage Live News

Customer Service Tips

Our Customer Service Tips are designed to help equip your team to troubleshoot on the fly: to forge positive, brand-reinforcing experiences with customers in need.

The editors draw inspiration from sources such as “How to Win Friends and
Influence People,” and service-industry experts from leading brands around the world. They then pair each piece of wisdom with an eye-catching graphic to make it pop.

$20 p/m $20 p/m
Digital Signage Live News

Safety Tips

There are 1001 ways for things to go awry in the workplace, so be proactive in keeping your employees safe with our attention-grabbing safety tips. The goal of these tips is to reflect, and reinforce how, and how much you care for your audience.

Who knows? The right tip recalled at the right moment could forestall a life-altering accident!

$20 p/m $20 p/m
Digital Signage Live News

Flight Arrivals / Departures

Provide your audience with timely and valuable information while they’re on the move through your lobby, airport, or hotel rooms with customisable flight boards.
Service includes access to flight arrivals and departures.Flight arrivals/departure status boards are available worldwide for all major airports.

$20 p/m $20 p/m
Digital Signage Live News

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram Social Feed

We’ve made it incredibly easy to create beautiful social content that you can plug-n-play into our signage platform. Select the account and start displaying content as it drops.

$20 p/m $20 p/m

Stock Content Supply


We can supply content fit for commercial use. This can be custom scaled for specific resolutions such as LED Screens.

One off pieces – $199 ex gst
Bulk content supply >10 pieces – $99 ex gst per piece

All prices exclude Australian GST
* An active internet connection is required and the player must be online with the remote software running in the background.
* An active internet connection is required to collect content automatically from the content servers. Updates are automatically downloaded in the background.

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