As we all know Events of all kinds were put on hold or cancelled in March 2020. It’s been devastating to the industry but it has been interesting to see how businesses have diversified during this time.

One such example is Woohah productions and their new product – Studio45. Their website is

The team at Hoxton have developed this virtual platform to allow users to navigate around a virtual space for an event using the basics of HTML without forcing the user to over exert themselves on an un-natural environment.

In examples we have seen throughout the world most Virtual experiences require the user to click around the “space” in a similar fashion to Google Street View or a Virtual home inspector. We went to back to the basics of web design and put our time into learning new software to render virtual environments. We have combined these new, fantastic virtual environments with basis HTML practices making it easy to navigate around the site.

Users can access the spaces in a couple of clicks, not the 20 needed and seen on other sites.

The servers and content have been configured for fast loading and efficient in size. This making the experience on mobile and desktop quick and painless.

Our feedback to date has been fantastic and clients are loving the new presentation of events. It will be interesting to see where digital events go in the future and whether these new normal environments will continue to exists post COVID.

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