Our Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS) is found operating throughout Australia, digitally empowering small businesses with a reliable, robust and affordable solution. Our CMS is known for ultimate reliability and an extremely robust operating system purpose-built for digital signage. 

Hoxton Digital Signage

^Pricing based on a 36-Month agreement which is billed monthly and comes with free setup. See pricing for more information.


21 Plugins & Extensions

Hoxton Digital Signage CMS comes with 21 Plugins and Extensions known as Widgets out of the box for free – included with all subscriptions. The widgets are pakced full of features from Videos and images to Webpages, youtube and Twitter! Getting started is easy and you’ll be able to watch training videos guiding you through the simple process. Click the link below to find out more!


Why choose a cloud based solution?

By enabling your display with our online cloud based content management solution you can update your content from anywhere in the world. Also our servers work hard to ensure your display works as intended and it will inform you via an email if something’s not right.

Hosted on Australian Servers the Hoxton Digital Signage CMS is simple, reliable and scalable. All of the security, updates and maintenance is taken care of by us so you can focus on the content!

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Every Subscription Includes

Responsive Widgets

Clever modules available right out of the box enabling smarter than smart functons on your display!

Private URL and Workspace

The workspace you’ll be set up with will be unique to your business so you can feel safe knowing your data and displays are private and secure from others.


If your players go offline you will be notified automatically.

Generous Data Limits

Your subscription will come with generous data limits which scale up as you bring online more displays.

Updates & Fixes

The CMS is fully maintained and so you do not need to worry about fixing bugs or updates.

User Roles

Built in use roles and permission groups allow for any component of the CMS to be restricted or turned off. You control who see’s what in your domain.

Robust Documentation

A suite of documentation is linked to every component in the CMS. Simply click the help button on any section to view the manual for that section.

Built In Analytics

Full analytics are available for your CMS and players out of the box. Detailed stats and logs can easily be viewed or downloaded.